Coloured Glass Candle Stick

Gorgeous coloured glass candlesticks by Van Verre in various jewel like colours, ideal in pairs or mixed to create an interesting cameo.

Handmade moulds and stamps in which the glowing glass cools down and finds its shape. An artisanal recipe and superb light Rembrandt colours make every piece of glass unique; in shape, size and shade. Timelessly fitted for every interior, in every season. Light in winter, cool in summer.

Clear, Green, Red and Turquoise glass candle sticks with flat base measuring 215mm H

Turquoise glass candle sticks with round dome base, Amber and Dark Blue glass candle sticks measure 250mm H

The craftsmanship is reflected through more than 150 years of experience in mixing sand with color pigments.

Handmade by artisans in Portugal