Julie Arkell Creatures & Dolls

Julie Arkell is one of the UK’s best recognised, and most adored, contemporary folk artists. She creates delightful imaginative creatures, full of wit and whimsy that bring a smile to your face.

Working in papier-maché and mixed media, Julie combines craft and fine art techniques and process with vintage fabrics, found and discovered curios, papier-maché, stitch and knit to create these unique, and distinctly personal, Julie Arkell Creatures or dolls.

Julie’s creatures are beautiful, magical and full of character. Individually crafted, each creature has its own story, and its character reflects the emotions of the artist on that particular day.

Born in London, Julie Arkell studied at West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham before gaining a diploma in textiles at St Martin’s School of Art. Arkell’s work spans art and craft, following traditional folk art techniques of creating doll-like figures from “found” objects, with the approaches of key 20th century artists such as Pablo Picasso, Duchamp and the Pop Art movement by shunning traditional “fine art” techniques and materials, and taking inspiration from the art of children.

Julie Arkell’s work is inspired by old art, fabrics, stories, words and phrases. The creatures that Julie creates, each with their own stories, messages and accessories, possess a magical and wistful appeal, and reflect a truly unique contemporary UK folk artist.

Each of the Julie Arkell pieces in our collection of dolls and creatures below is a beautiful one-off creation and a wonderful, and truly unique, gift for collectors, or for those interested in owning a piece of exquisite contemporary folk-art of their own.