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My Julie Arkell collection of creatures 30/05/16

Julie Arkell Creatures & Dolls Collection

So, as you can see I love Julie Arkell's creatures.

I started collecting Julie Arkell in my early 20's. My first purchase was the green cow, I bought this from the Lucky Parrot in Wandsworth, shortly followed by the 'doll house', since then many more have been added to the family.

I am drawn to the quirkiness, colour and texture of the objects.

Formed from a narrative each creature is delightful and full of character.

Julie Arkell Collection

Julie Arkell mixes vintage fabrics and found objects and combines them to create each piece that is both unique and fun. Each one of her dolls or creatures is a one off creation.

I have them dotted around my home to add a little quirkiness to lighten the mood and add detail in unexpected places.

Many of the creatures have been purchased as gifts for me over the years from my husband.

I have been to three of Julie Arkell's workshops where we make our own version of the creatures from papier mache, paper back books, knitting (which I haven't mastered yet), sewing, embroidering and painting.

Julie Arkell Dolls

I have over 40 Julie Arkell creatures at the moment, and we also offer a great selection of Julie Arkell creatures and dolls for sale online in our online shop.

Here's to many more years of collecting!